Initial Custom Treatment — $130 | 55 mins
Required for all new clients. Includes an in-depth consultation, skin analysis, deep cleanse, custom exfoliation, extractions, high frequency and a therapeutic mask. A homecare routine will be created for you to begin your journey to clear, radiant and healthy skin!



These treatments are ideal for all grades of ongoing, stubborn acne, discoloration and scarring. We will work closely together in tracking your progress and adjusting your regimen every few weeks until results are met.

Half Treatment — $75 | 30 mins
A quick refresher. Includes a deep cleanse, AHA exfoliation, extractions and high frequency

Clear Skin Treatment — $125 | 55 mins
Dissolve oil, unclog pores, and lift discoloration with powerful plant-based enzymes. Includes a deep cleanse, exfoliation with steam, extractions, high frequency and a therapeutic mask



Vitamin Boost$125 | 55 mins 
External pollutants like smog, smoke, UV exposure, and toxins generate free radicals that impair the skin, contributing to early signs of aging. This treatment repairs damage with detoxifying antioxidants, promotes circulation and purifies with a blend of B vitamins. Cherry, green tea, and enzymes will leave your skin feeling rejuvenated! Great for all skin types, tones and concerns

Deep Moisture — $125 | 55 mins 
Soothe. Hydrate. Repair. Pineapple enzymes gently exfoliate to reveal healthy cells. Hyaluronic acid, arnica flower and cucumber nourish and calm inflammation. Best for sensitive, dry, sun-damaged or dehydrated skin [Accutane/pregnancy safe]

Anti-Aging Deluxe — $160 | 55 mins
The whole package in one treatment! Skin is restored with a deep cleanse, custom exfoliation, light extractions, corrective serums containing hyaluronic acid, peptides, epidermal growth factor, lilac plant stem cells, and 45 minutes of microcurrent therapy. Best for fine lines/wrinkles, facial laxity

Microcurrent Therapy
Tighten, tone and lift lax skin. Each treatment includes a deep cleanse, serum infusion, and 45 minutes of microcurrent

  • 1 Facial Treatment – $ 115
  • Package of 5 – $525 (discounted rate of $105/session)
  • Package of 10 – $950 (discounted rate of $95/session)

LED Light Therapy — $50
Includes a deep cleanse, serum infusion, and 20 minutes of LED

Facial Add-Ons:

Retinol Booster — $10 
Add to any treatment for a powerful boost to target dark spots, deep wrinkles and/or uneven texture

LED Light Therapy — $35
Emits light waves deep into the skin to trigger intracellular reactions

    • Blue light kills P. acnes bacteria, reduces inflammation and slows oil production.
    • Red light stimulates fibroblasts to produce more collagen, reduces wrinkles, increases circulation and helps repair oxidative stress.
    • Green light helps with broken capillaries, under eye circles, and hyperpigmentation.
    • Amber light is ideal for sensitive skin. Helps with redness, boosts lymphatic flow and increases cell metabolism.

High Frequency — $15
Produces an ozone electrical current to kill bacteria, reduce inflammation, and shorten the life-span of cystic acne. Also helps tighten the skin, improve blood circulation, reduce puffy eyes/dark circles, and diminishes fine lines.



Light Peels — $85, add neck & decollate $100

  • Mandelic
  • Salicylic
  • Pumpkin

Medium to Heavy Peels — Starting at $150 – $325
These peels are fully customized to your specific skin type, tone and concern. During your consultation we will discuss which one is right for you!

A few words about pricing…
All medium to heavy chemical peel prices will vary depending on the condition of your skin, types of solutions used (everything is mixed and tailored), the number of layers, and the depth of peel desired in order to reach your specific goals. Before a peel, we can address all questions and discuss pre/post care, safety concerns and budget.



Back Facial$115 | 55 mins
Reveal brighter, smoother skin with this purifying back and shoulder treatment. Includes a deep cleanse with steam, customized exfoliation, extractions, light massage, and your choice of a therapeutic cooling OR heating mask. Great for back acne or before an event!

Body Chemical Peels
Exfoliate, smooth and brighten stubborn sun spots, age spots, acne, diminish old scarring, tighten slack skin, and clear keratosis pilaris.

  • Full Back & Shoulders — $185
  • Full Arms — $150
  • Hands — $70



Half Treatments — $300
Buy four, get the fifth one free!

Light Peels — $340
Buy four, get the fifth one free!

A series of 5 half treatments or light peels is highly recommended for individuals wanting a more aggressive approach towards clearing acne or discoloration. You MUST agree to one treatment per week for 5 weeks. Think of this like skin bootcamp!

Body Peels — Purchase 3 as a bundle and save over 15%!

  • Full Back & Shoulders — $465
  • Arms, Elbows & Shoulders — $375
  • Hands — $175

Bridal Glow — $650 (valued at $950+)
Includes 5 fully customized treatments tailored towards your individual skin type, tone and goals to get you ready for your big day!

Example package:

  • Initial Custom Facial Treatment + LED; a homecare routine will be created for you as well
  • Chemical peel – applied to face, neck and decollate
  • Back Facial + High Frequency
  • Anti-Aging Deluxe Treatment with Red LED
  • Custom Facial Treatment + LED


No problem! We can do a 30 minute consultation and product/regimen customization over the phone or via Skype.

Virtual Consult — $25 | 30 mins