Initial Custom Treatment — $140 | 55 mins
Required for all new clients. Includes an in-depth consultation, skin analysis, deep cleanse, exfoliation, extractions, high frequency and a therapeutic mask with cryotherapy. A homecare routine will be created for you to begin your journey to clear, radiant skin!



Our fully customized, unique facial treatments feature advanced methods aimed at correcting, repairing and transforming the skin to deliver results. All 55 minute facials include high frequency and cryotherapy.

Express Facial — $75 | 30 mins
A quick pick-me-up! Includes a deep cleanse, customized exfoliation and extractions

Dermaflash Facial — $90 | 45 mins
Includes a deep cleanse, Dermaflash exfoliation {a tool that manually removes peach fuzz + dead skin cells} and
serum infusion

Acne Relief — $125 | 55 mins
Relieve problematic skin with a pore-detoxifying treatment focused on balancing oil production and soothing inflammation. Corrective serums with healing antioxidants nourish the skin, while custom masks provide antibacterial support. Ideal for all grades of acne. 

Bright Complexion — $125 | 55 mins
Reverse and brighten uneven pigmentation with all natural, melanin-inhibiting agents. This treatment stimulates cellular rejuvenation, gently lifts discoloration and refines skin texture. 

Instant Calm — $125 | 55 mins
Repair irritation, topical burns, rosacea sensitivity or dehydration. This nutrient-rich treatment infuses the skin with gentle and calming ingredients to help strengthen the function of the skin, all while reducing inflammation and irritation.

Pro-Youth $125 | 55 mins
Restore and enhance natural beauty while diminishing common signs of aging in the skin. This treatment focuses on growth factor rich, collagen building products to improve suppleness and fade fine lines. 

Forever Young — $180 | 75 mins
Revive, lift, & tighten lax skin with our most advanced anti-aging treatment. Includes a cherry enzyme featuring lactic acid, combined with a Nutra8 Booster for extra tightening. Includes 45 minutes of microcurrent to stimulate the underlying facial muscles, a colloidal silver, peptide, and growth factor serum infusion, plus 15 minutes of Lightstim LED


Facial Add-Ons:

Lightstim LED Therapy — $35 | 15 mins
Emits medical-grade red light waves deep into the skin, triggering collagen + elastin production, energizes cell metabolism, and promotes tissue repair.

Dermaflash — $50 | 30 mins
Dermaflash exfoliation {a tool that manually removes peach fuzz + dead skin cells} provides an instant glow. Makeup will go on even smoother and products are more easily absorbed by the skin. Highly recommend to add-on with a facial or chemical peel.

Microcurrent Mini Lift — $45 | 20 mins
Using low-level electricity, microcurrent is a relaxing treatment that lifts, tones and firms lax facial muscles while building elasticity in the skin. 

Jelly Mask — $15
A cooling, hydrating flax seed peel-off mask that occludes corrective serums, pushing them deeper into the skin. Highly recommend as an add-on to the Dermaflash Facial.



Progressive — $85, add neck & decollate $100
Our mildest peel, removing only the stratum corneum (outer skin layer) with little to no visible peeling. Repeated treatments in a series will cause mild exfoliation with cumulative effects. A mild yet refining treatment, and perfect for anyone new to chemical peels.

Mid-Depth — $225, add neck & decollate $250
Targeting the intra-epidermal layer, a medium depth peel offers restorative and radiant results with minimal downtime. Visible exfoliation occurs within 2-3 days after application and shedding can last between 4 and 7 days. 

Deep — $325, add neck & decollate $350
This level peel reaches the deeper intra-epidermal layers of the skin and typically causes shedding in large segments. Visible exfoliation occurs within 3-4 days after application and shedding can last between 7 and 10 days.  A deep peel restores and renews skin with the most dramatic results.



Custom Back Facial$100 | 45 mins
Reveal brighter, smoother skin with a purifying back and shoulder treatment. Includes a deep cleanse with steam, enzyme exfoliation, extractions, light massage, and a customized organic mask. Great for back acne or before an event!

Body Chemical Peels
Exfoliate, smooth and brighten stubborn sun spots, age spots, acne, diminish old scarring, tighten slack skin, and clear keratosis pilaris.

  • Full Back & Shoulders — $185
  • Full Arms — $150
  • Hands — $70


Microcurrent technology stimulates underlying facial muscles by using a low level electrical current to lift, tone and tighten the skin. This is a great non-invasive, non-surgical alternative to injections. Microcurrent additionally speeds up cell metabolism, drains lymphatic vessels and stimulates collagen production.

For the best results in correcting lax skin or deep wrinkles, 10-15 treatments is highly recommended. Each treatment includes a Green Tea Antioxidant cleanse, colloidal silver + peptide + growth factor serum infusion, and 45 mins of microcurrent

1 Treatment – $ 115 | 45 mins



Custom Facials — $400
Includes a series of four 55 minute Custom Facial Treatments
. This package saves you 20% per treatment! (discounted rate of $100/treatment)

Express Facials— $300
Buy four, get the fifth one free!

Progressive Peels — $340
Buy four, get the fifth one free!

Body Peels – Purchase a series of 3 and save 20% per treatment!

  • 3 Peels: Full Back & Shoulders — $444 (discounted rate of $148/treatment)
  • 3 Peels: Arms, Elbows & Shoulders — $360 (discounted rate of $120/treatment)
  • 3 Peels: Hands — $168 (discounted rate of $56/treatment)


  • Series of 3 – $330 (discounted rate of $110/treatment)
  • Series of 5 – $525 (discounted rate of $105/treatment)
  • Series of 10 – $950 (discounted rate of $95/treatment)


Not in Los Angeles? No problem, let’s connect anyways!

Here’s the process:

  1. Book a Virtual Consultation online
  2. Expect to hear from Rochelle via email within 24 hours from the time you booked. This is to set up which platform works best for us to connect on (Skype, Facetime, etc) and collect any photos you want to share so we can better help you with your skin
  3. Once connected at the scheduled time, we start by asking questions about your skincare routine, products, overall health and lifestyle habits. Any questions you have will be addressed at this time
  4. We will discuss a new plan going forward as well as any product recommendations
  5. Shortly after the session you will receive an email with your new personalized home care regimen
  6. Rochelle will check in with you a few weeks after the call to make sure your new regimen is working well and make adjustments as needed. Email follow-ups are FREE after the initial consultation

Virtual Consultation — $50 | Up to 45 mins