Meet Rochelle

Rochelle Rudolph, Licensed Paramedical Esthetician

EstiProfessional.jpgI have a true passion in understanding the inner-workings of the human body. It all started when I began taking classes in physiology, chemistry, microbiology, anatomy and nutrition towards a career in dental. I studied dietetics, creating meal plans for specific nutritional ailments. I’ve watched microscopic life forms move around under a slide. I’ve held pro-sections of a human heart, brain and spinal cord. Through my education I got to understand, hands-on, just how intricate the human body is. I fell in love with learning as much as I could, my ultimate goal being to find myself in a career where I get to educate, empower and change people’s lives for the better. 

In 2015 I began my journey in the esthetic industry. I found a natural passion in skincare after working at a top dermatology and plastic surgery office, American Skin Institute. I soon found myself researching everything I could on skin health and cosmetics. I realized I found my calling and enrolled in esthetician school full time at Academy of Beauty in Los Angeles. It was the best decision I’ve ever made! Since becoming licensed, I’ve had the privilege of training as a paramedical esthetician under Jennifer Kramer, LPE, who was trained by self-titled “acne-ologist”, Dr. James E Fulton, MD, Ph. D. Through diligent training and experience, I have gained the skills, insight, and knowledge for treating acne and hyperpigmentation on all skin types and ethnic backgrounds. I’ve found this area of esthetics to be immensely rewarding!

In August of 2017, I created my own skincare practice and that’s when The ModernÜ was born. Since then I’ve become certified in Advanced Paramedical Aesthetics through Vivant University, where I learned a deeper understanding of medical aesthetics. I’m also PCA Skin certified with extra training in cystic acne, chemical peels, and melasma. I highly value continuing education and staying current with technology. At The ModernÜ, I am dedicated to providing my clients the tools to attain their individual skin health goals. With quality and ethics in mind, the product lines I’ve chosen to work with are medical-grade and cruelty free. I look forward to guiding you on your journey to clear, radiant skin!


CA Licensed Esthetician

PCA Skin Certified Esthetician

Certified CA Body Art Practitioner

Allied Health Science, A.S.; Natural Science, A.S.

Advanced Paramedical Aesthetics Certification, Vivant University