Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome

Hormone imbalances can play a huge role in adult onset acne, especially in women. Often times it is characterized by cystic, painful nodules around the chin and jaw areas. These nodules will flare up around the time of your menstrual cycle and then linger long after. If you’ve experienced irregular menstrual cycles, random facial hair, fatigue, head hair loss, pelvic...Read More

Understanding Acne: Why Some Get it and Others Don’t

Although the exact cause of acne is intricate and sometimes confusing, most research points towards genetics to blame. It all comes down to there being one main difference between someone that is acne prone and someone that isn’t: retention hyperkeratosis. So, I’m here to break it down in simple terms. The Process of Acne At puberty the body starts producing...Read More

Evolution of Acne

Isn't it strange that only humans are affected by acne? I've been reading "Acne Rx" by James E. Fulton, MD. He describes how we came to be the only species prone to acne and discusses the skin's modern uses of sebum: “When we had course hair all over our bodies, the follicles with their sebaceous glands had plenty to do...Read More

Is Hydroquinone Safe for Lightening Dark Spots? 

My boss lady, Jennifer Kramer, published an article today on the Huffington Post about the truth behind hydroquinone. Amazing read and beautifully written - I had to share! (Check out the article here!) or read below: There has there been a lot of misinformation about Hydroquinone – the ingredient used to lighten dark patches of skin. Google the side effects and...Read More

Acid Exfoliants: What You Need To Know

Exfoliating is essential in keeping any skin type looking it’s best! The reason is because an accumulation of dead skin cells contribute to buildup on the skin, causing it to look dull and become congested. By exfoliating regularly, you keep your skin in a constant state of rapid movement, encouraging cells to turn over at a faster rate and not...Read More

Finding Balance

I had an epiphany this past week, and it’s forced me to slow down and clear my head. I wanted to share this more personal experience here, as I’m sure many of you over-achievers can relate! Since I became a licensed esthetician, I have been going non-stop. My goal with work is of course success on several levels. I want...Read More

Layering in The Right Order

Applying skincare products in the correct sequence is super important! It ensures you'll get the most benefit from each one. For instance, if you put a serum on after applying moisturizer, the serum won't get absorbed as deeply as it should. Time is also something to consider. Think about it: benzoyl peroxide, for example, has a 1 to 3 hour...Read More

New Pimples: Where do they come from?

When skin cells and sebum collect and bond deep in a pore, there's a good chance this will contribute to some trouble in the future. When skin doesn't shed the way nature intended, the follicle becomes clogged. Skin may grow over the opening of the pore, trapping congestion. The over production of oil creates a perfect breeding ground for bacteria to...Read More

How to Avoid Dry Skin and Breakouts During Travel

Traveling somewhere new is always exciting! That is, once you get there. The whole part in between with security checks, hauling heavy bags, airplane food, and recycled air... not so much. It's very common to breakout once you arrive at your destination. I've got some tips on how you can keep your skin looking and feeling it's best! How Flying...Read More

Eye Cream: Necessary or Not?

There are certain skincare items that mostly everyone can agree is a necessity: a cleanser, a moisturizer, and if you're really good, sunscreen. But eye cream... is it worth the extra cost? I get asked about this all the time! My answer is, don't waste your money on an eye cream that promises to do something extra amazing that any other...Read More