Understanding Acne: Why Some Get it and Others Don’t

Although the exact cause of acne is intricate and sometimes confusing, most research points towards genetics to blame. It all comes down to there being one main difference between someone that is acne prone and someone that isn’t: retention hyperkeratosis. So, I’m here to break it down in simple terms. The Process of Acne At puberty the body starts producing...Read More

The Modern Guide to Retinoids

Retinoids are the longest studied anti-aging compound and have been used for decades due to their incredible ability to recondition the skin. If you want a product that can do it all in one - combat fine lines, fade discoloration, clear acne, and give the skin the rosy glow we all love - a retinoid is the answer. However, with...Read More

Acne + Hormone Connection Explained

If you have cystic acne, oily skin, or get breakouts mainly along the chin and jawline, you might be struggling with a hormonal imbalance. I’m going to share my insight with you based on my own research, experience in working with skin, and give tips on how to better understand what your body is telling you. This way you have...Read More

Post-Chemical Peel Do’s and Don’ts

NOTE: these are instructions I give to my clients and pertain to my specific type of medium-deep chemical peels. Please follow the instructions your skincare therapist gives you following a peel. 4 hours after the peel: Wash your face gently with a simple cleanser and tepid water, pat dry, then apply moisturizer. Drink 40 oz of water. Post-Peel Do’s Treat...Read More

Ingredient Spotlight: Hydroquinone

Have you noticed dark, uneven patches on your face or body? Skin discoloration is often the result of excess melanin production - the pigment that gives skin it's color. Many factors like UV exposure, pollution, hormones and acne can induce hyperpigmentation that becomes hard to remove once it surfaces. If you have already done your research, you might’ve noticed there’s...Read More

Acne Cosmetica

Did Ü know, cosmetics happen to be the skin’s worst pollutants? In my experience of working with acne, I’ve witnessed the aggravating affects cosmetics have on the skin. A client can be doing everything right, using medicated products and following a perfect regimen, yet continuously break out. These are usually the clients who wear heavy primers, concealers and cream foundations...Read More

What Is Microcurrent Therapy?

I recently learned how to perform microcurrent - heard of it? To be honest, I always thought esthetician modalities were just spa "fluff" and didn't actually work, so I was never interested in using them at my practice. But after learning more about the science behind it, I have to admit this is an incredible tool that I feel is...Read More

Fire Smoke: How it can effect your skin and what you can do to help!

It’s been a rough week watching the Northern California fires burn down most of my beautiful hometown, Santa Rosa. I feel horrible being in Los Angeles and not being there to console family and friends who have lost everything. It’s been very uplifting though, from afar, to see the Sonoma County community come together and help each other through this...Read More

“Making It On Your Own” with Milah

Today's blog is featuring an interview with modern #bossbabe Milah, owner of Milah's Mobile Spa here in LA. For over a year, I've been following her work on Instagram and have found intrigue in her success as a mobile esthetician. Being new to running a business in a highly competitive market, I'm finding that the more connecting I do with...Read More

Treatment Plan: Keratosis Pilaris

As a follow up on my recent Instagram post, I wanted to share with you the routine I suggest for anyone wanting to clear their keratosis pilaris! All you need are the right products. To recap: Keratosis in latin means, ‘an overgrowth of skin,’ and pilaris means ‘of hair.’ The disorder translates to this: your skin grows faster than it...Read More