Step into the best version of yourself, the modern ü

The Modern Ü was established in August 2017 with a mission to provide a transformational, comprehensive skincare experience to boost overall vitality and confidence in one’s own skin. This isn’t your basic facial – these are business facials and we get straight to the point of the concern while providing long-term solutions!

You can find me inside Energy Life Sciences Institute, an acupuncture office in West Los Angeles. Together we are a wellness sanctuary, providing both healing and preventative care for the mind, body & spirit. 

Rochelle’s Core Business Values: 

1. Integrity — I pursue excellence, quality and innovation in everything I do

2. Sustainability — I make conscious choices to minimize our impact on the environment. The product lines I’ve chosen to work with are certified cruelty-free, made in the USA, and non-toxic

3. Kaizen — A Japanese word for ‘continuous improvement.’ I believe the key to success is by making small, consistent steps each day

4. Diversity — I celebrate diversity and acknowledge that each persons skin is perfectly unique. I have carefully chosen products suitable for all skin types, tones and concerns

5. Education — I strongly believe thoroughly educating my clients about their skin is what provides a long-lasting effect in achieving healthy, glowing skin

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