Established in August 2017, The ModernÜ was created with a mission to provide a quality, transformational skincare experience for those looking to create an impact in their skin. Rochelle’s passion and dedication to the success of each client is supported through personalized home care planning, custom treatments and guided product recommendations. Learn more about Founder/Licensed Paramedical Esthetician Rochelle Rudolph.

We are located at The Gardens building on Barrington Ave, inside the health + wellness center of Energy Life Sciences Institute, office of Dr. Miles Reid. Near the front door of #116 you will see Rochelle Rudolph, LPE.

Treatments are offered by appointment only!

Our Core Values: 

1. Integrity — We pursue excellence and innovation in everything we do

2. Sustainability — We make conscious choices to minimize our impact on the environment. The product lines we work with are certified cruelty-free, made in the US, and non-toxic

3. Kaizen — A Japanese word for ‘continuous improvement.’ We believe the key to success is by making small, consistent steps each day

4. Diversity — We celebrate diversity and acknowledge that each persons skin is perfectly unique. We have carefully chosen products suitable for all skin types, tones and concerns

5. Education — We believe thoroughly educating our clients about their skin is what provides a long-lasting effect in achieving healthy, glowing skin


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Parking details: Street metered parking is available along Barrington Ave, with free parking areas in the surrounding neighborhoods. There is also a parking garage next to The Gardens that accepts cash only.