Acne + Hormone Connection Explained

If you have cystic acne, oily skin, or get breakouts mainly along the chin and jawline, you might be struggling with a hormonal imbalance. I’m going to share my insight with you based on my own research, experience in working with skin, and give tips on how to better understand what your body is telling you. This way you have the tools to heal your body from the inside out. Acne is 100% treatable without antibiotics or Accutane, and I’m going to show you how! 

Acne is caused by three main factors, 1. Genetics, 2. Stress, and 3. Diet. Disruptions in the endocrine system [glands that regulate hormones throughout the body] can be triggered by stress and poor nutrition. The skins oil glands are highly sensitive to hormone disruption, especially androgens and estrogen. When hormones are off-balance the skin is affected by:

  • Thicker epidermis, aka ‘retention hyperkeratosis’
  • Pores become clogged
  • Sebaceous glands become large and produce excess oil
  • Unfriendly p. acne bacteria thrive



Signs of High Estrogen
+Breakouts are primarily along jawline/chin
+Flares up around the time of your period
+One side of the face can be more inflamed, and that’s an indication of which ovary is producing too much estrogen. It can change sides each month just as the ovaries do each menstrual cycle. 

Common Reasons for High Estrogen
-Liver disfunction: Aromatase, an enzyme in the liver, stops working properly and converts the body’s testosterone into estrogen. This causes excess estrogen buildup in the body and can affect both men and women.
-High blood pressure medications
-Heartburn medications
-Thyroid issues
-Alcohol (highly estrogenic)
-Estrogenic foods: soy, sugar, conventional meat and dairy, BPA plastic, Teflon pans

Heal the Body With:
+Eat more organic cruciferous veggies: broccoli, brussel sprouts, cabbage
+DIM supplement – a super concentrated phytochemical and natural metabolite of compounds found in cruciferous vegetables. See what I recommend: Nutricost Supplement
+Stinging nettle root. See what I recommend: Solaray Supplement or tea


Signs of High Androgens; aka Testosterone
+Oily skin & large pores due to enlarged sebaceous glands
+Facial hairs along jawline/chin
+Thick, resistant skin 

Common Reasons for High Androgens
-Insulin Resistance, Learn more
An enzyme, 5a-Reductase, stops working properly due to vitamin A deficiency and converts testosterone into DHT (a hormone 10x stronger than regular testosterone!) This is why Accutane works so well – because you flush the body with extremely high levels of vitamin A, it blocks the enzymes producing DHT and in turn, stops cystic acne. You can do this just as effectively, naturally!

Heal the Body With:
+Extra Virgin Cod Liver Oil – highest levels of vitamins A + D. See what I recommend: Rosita Supplements
+Vitamin B5 supplement – works synergistically with vitamin A and reduces acne. Source Naturals Supplement
+Zinc –  lowers insulin, calms inflammation. Solaray Supplement

It’s possible to have both an androgen and estrogen imbalance at the same time! Other factors that effect hormones:
-Birth control, especially switching on/off
-High dairy
-High sugar


Skincare Products I Recommend for Hormonal Acne

When hormones are out of balance, the epidermis grows thicker and more resistant. Skin cells grow faster than they can shed, and so excessive dead skin cells pile up on the surface of the skin, contributing to congestion and inflammation. The key with treating acne topically is to 1. speed up cell turnover by exfoliating often, and 2. kill acne-causing bacteria with a product like benzoyl peroxide. I also suggest ICING your skin as often as possible. This reduces inflammation, redness and shortens the lifespan of cystic acne.

Shop The ModernÜ online store! Here’s what I recommend for oily, acne-prone skin:
Cleanser: Vivant Skincare Mandelic Acid Wash


Toner: Vivant Skincare 3% Mandelic Acid Toner


Corrective: PCA Acne Cream


Moisturizer: PCA Clearskin


Sunscreen: PCA Weightless


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