Treatment Plan: Keratosis Pilaris

As a follow up on my recent Instagram post, I wanted to share with you the routine I suggest for anyone wanting to clear their keratosis pilaris! All you need are the right products.

To recap: Keratosis in latin means, ‘an overgrowth of skin,’ and pilaris means ‘of hair.’ The disorder translates to this: your skin grows faster than it can shed and so the hair follicle gets impacted and creates a papule. It is a benign, genetic disorder and affects up to 40% of adults. It is is most commonly found on the upper arms, thighs and butt. 


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For Treatment

Focus on exfoliating and hydrating. Think about it – if by definition the skin cannot shed as fast as it grows, then the best idea would be to remove those extra cells before they stack up and wa-la, the buildup and irritation goes away. By using medicated products, you’ll want to keep the skin equally moisturized as they tend to cause dryness. 

Exfoliate. You can opt for a light scrub or chemical exfoliant. I prefer the Vivant Daily Repair Pads. They smell amazing, have a medium-rough texture to get into every groove, and contain a perfect blend of alpha hydroxy acids and anti-inflammatory ingredients. Exfoliating first helps other all products absorb deeper.


  • If you have sensitive skin, you’ll want to start off with a Vitamin A serum to acclimate your skin. I recommend using the Exfol-A-Forte serum from Vivant. It contains a high concentration of vitamin A, natural brighteners, and alpha hydroxy acids to quickly shed cells!
  • Once the skin is acclimated to the serum, you can begin using the Vivant Clear Body Therapy lotion. If you don’t have sensitive skin you can skip the serum and use the lotion right away. It contains a high percentage of vitamin A, lactic acid and grape seed oil. This product is also great for back/chest acne, body anti-aging, dry and scaly skin.

Moisturize. Balance out the skin’s dryness with a light-weight and oil free moisturizer.

Remember to always incorporate products slowly into your routine, upping the amount of usage each week. You can find these recommended products at The ModernÜ clinic, in Beverly Hills.

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