New Pimples: Where do they come from?

When skin cells and sebum collect and bond deep in a pore, there’s a good chance this will contribute to some trouble in the future. When skin doesn’t shed the way nature intended, the follicle becomes clogged. Skin may grow over the opening of the pore, trapping congestion. The over production of oil creates a perfect breeding ground for bacteria to thrive. As bacteria proliferate, the pore gets irritated and this triggers inflammation. Ta-da, a pimple is born.

This process takes a while to happen, though. If you wake up with a new pimple and think it’s from those greasy fries you ate last night, think again. It takes about 30 days for a new zit to actually form!

Here’s some other things to consider:

  • Not washing or exfoliating regularly will contribute to your pimple population. Keep the skin extra clean by washing whenever you feel oily, after sweating, or after wearing makeup all day. Double cleansing is always recommended. Exfoliate to boost skin cell turnover and wipe away the dead cells contributing to build up.
  • In contrary to the above, don’t over-do it with exfoliating. This can create inflammation and actually contribute to more problems. Everyone’s skin is different, so know your skin’s limit when it comes to this. Generally, people who have oily skin can take more exfoliating than dry skin types.
  •  Stress triggers cortisol production, and cortisol triggers more oil production. Do what you can with what you have to destress 🙂
  • Pay attention to the products you’re using – here’s a list of ingredients to be on the lookout for! Comedogenic Ingredients List
  • You could be low on zinc. There’s been many studies of the link between zinc and acne inflammation. Zinc is a trace mineral that is vital in regulating cell turnover, immune function, lessening inflammation, decreasing oil production, and delivering vitamin A to the skin. 15-30 mg per day is ideal. I also recommend to my clients to take a vitamin A supplement!
  • Read more about how to get rid of acne and gain control over your skin through diet, lifestyle and skincare! Check out Jen’s Reviews for even more science-backed, reliable information.

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