Does Skin Need to “Breathe?”

After a facial, clients frequently ask if it’s ok to put on makeup or if they should let their skin “breathe.” This is a big misconception about the skin! Skin doesn’t have any respiratory function.. it doesn’t actually breathe! In fact, the top layer of skin is composed of dead, keratinized cells that acts as a protective barrier. It’s the layers underneath which are “living” and get nourished by the blood, supplying nutrients and oxygen to every cell. This is why drinking plenty of water and eating nutrient-rich foods does so much for skin health!

What people really mean when they ask this question is… will applying makeup clog my pores? The answer is yes, possibly! Along with sweat, pollution, heavy, silicone-based products – these can all potentially contribute to breakouts. The longer these are left on, the more likely you’ll breakout from it. Is cutting down on these products beneficial? Of course. The key when using comedogenic (aka pore-clogging) products is to make sure your cleanser does it’s job well. Double cleansing is always recommended when taking off makeup! Especially before bed – this is when the skin rejuvenates itself. This is also why exfoliation is so important too, because removing those dead surface cells allows the healthy, undamaged cells underneath to grow faster, contributing to better overall look and texture.

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