The Truth About Booze [& it’s affect on the skin]

Ohhhh, alcohol. We hate to love you sometimes. Been there? I think most of us have. You wake up the next morning with the driest mouth, a pounding headache and your skin looks tired and sallow.

When taken too far, your body is going to show you the consequences. Drinking dehydrates you, we all know this. The way it works is alcohol decreases the production of anti-diuretic hormone (vasopressin), tricking your kidneys to flush more water from your system than normal. Yes, this is why you pee so much when drinking! If you consume too much that you throw up, you deplete the body’s fluids even more, causing further dehydration.

Skin is our largest organ and yet the last to receive hydration. Just to process alcohol, your body has to do a TON of work to metabolize and excrete all of the toxins. When skin becomes dehydrated, it is more likely to show larger pores, fine lines and wrinkles. Alcohol also robs the body of vitamin A, an essential antioxidant that plays a role in proper skin function and cell turnover. This is what can give your skin an almost pale/gray appearance. Being depleted of electrolytes, nutrients and fluids also contributes to bloating and swelling… and nobody has time for that. When you’re busy nursing your hangover the next day, the body is so deprived it will take in every bit of water or food and causes tissues to swell. Not to mention, going to bed too hammered probably does not entail washing off your makeup before bed, accelerating the skin aging process by seven months!


Here’s some tips to help the yuck you feel after a night out:


Don’t over-do it

Stick to clear liquor and avoid sugary/salty drinks

Drink a glass of water in between each drink

Wash your face before you fall asleep (guys too!)

Eat a solid meal before

The Next Day:

Eat nutritious and colorful to gain back lost vitamins

Take a vitamin B supplement to help metabolize the alcohol and restore energy

Restore gut flora with probiotics

Alkalize body pH and drink lemon water

Ice your skin after cleansing to help puffiness, then do a moisturizing mask

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