You Are What You Eat

Nutrition is an important factor when it comes to having radiant, wrinkle resistant, acne-free skin! Here’s a list of the top 8 foods to throw in your cart the next time you go shopping. Grocery-cart-moving-down-aisle.jpg

  1. Tomatoes. Packed with a powerful antioxidant, lycopene. It helps to fight free radicals, reduce inflammation, and protects the skin against sun damage. The highest concentrations surprisingly come from cooked tomatoes – either in soups, sauces, or even ketchup! These sources release three times the antioxidant amount of raw tomatoes. Lycopene is more readily absorbed by the body when taken in with a fat source. So pair tomatoes with olive oil, avocado, or eggs! The deeper the color, the richer the concentration.
  2. Walnuts. If you’re concerned with inflammation, such as acne, redness or swelling, walnuts might be the answer to calming it down. These nuts are full of omega-3 fatty acids and help to lock moisture into the skin. Fish, chia seeds and flax seeds are good sources of omega-3’s, too! Walnuts also contain copper, which boosts the body’s collagen and elastin production.
  3. Green Tea. Known for it’s powerful antioxidant and anti-aging benefits. The catechin compounds in green tea fight free radicals and can potentially reverse sun damage. Studies have shown these compounds can reduce redness and improve the look of broken capillaries. Catechins can be found in cocoa, blackberries, and black tea. Green tea also contains ECGC, an antioxidant that can inhibit the growth of cancer cells. It’s also beneficial for the brain and heart.
  4. Red Meat. Even though red meat does contain cholesterol and saturated fat, it’s an excellent source of protein and zinc. Moderation, of course, is key here! Lean, red meat once a week is healthy. The protein in red meat is high in glycine and proline, two amino acids essential for the body to produce collagen. Zinc is a natural anti-inflammatory and is perfect for anyone struggling with acne. Oysters are full of zine! Some vegetarian alternatives are cabbage, lentils and kidney beans.
  5. Yogurt. Hesitant on yogurt being counted due to the fact that dairy can be a source of inflammation and high salt. However, yogurt can be very beneficial due to its probiotic content. The more we flush our body with “good” bacteria, the less the “bad” bacteria can stick around and contribute to acne. Be sure to pick a low fat, low sugar yogurt, since sugar can aggravate inflammation. A dairy-free yogurt or probiotic supplement works equally as great!
  6. Oatmeal. Rolled oats are packed with essential vitamins and minerals, such as vitamin E, folic acid and thiamin. Vitamin E calms inflammation and enhances immune function. Oats are a perfect way to start your morning, being that they’re complex carbs, they will take longer for your body to digest and won’t give you a spike in blood sugar, which can contribute to breakouts! Gives skin a smooth and supple texture.
  7. Tumeric. A spice full of all the “anti” properties we could ask for: antiseptic, antibacterial, antiviral, antifungal, antioxidant, and anti-inflammatory! Add it easily to eggs, soups, smoothies, rice or grilled veggies!
  8. Garlic. Contains high amounts of allicin, an antifungal, antiaging and skin soothing component. The sulphur in garlic enhances blood flow, giving the skin a natural glow and helps reduce inflammation.

My number one rule for keeping a balanced, healthy diet is to take in a variety of colors everyday!

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