Not All Breakouts Are Equal

No breakout can be treated equally. Not sure what I’m talking about? Let me explain!


1.Whiteheads (aka closed comedones): Clogged follicles with white or clear pus underneath the skin. Usually not sore or too red.

  • Home care: Exfoliate with acids, apply benzoyl peroxide and ICE!
  • Avoid by: Do not use products that are oil based if getting these are common for you. Lessen your salt and dairy intake. Drink more water.

2. Blackheads (aka open comedones): Buildup of oil in the follicle that has oxidized, causing it to turn black.

  • Home care: Exfoliate regularly with acids to lessen then dead cell layer sitting on the surface
  • Avoid by: Do not use products that are oil based. Avoid products that use isopropyl palmitate and isopropyl myristate – they are both synthetic oil ingredients used as emollients and have been shown to contribute to blackheads.

3. Milia: Hardened, pearly white bumps under the skin usually around the eyes or cheeks. They are NOT pimples! Can be caused by genetics, smoking or not exfoliating regularly and using heavy oils.

  • Home care: Unfortunately, there’s not a lot you can do about these on your own. If you try to extract them yourself, you’ll likely not get it out and end up scarring. These must be extracted by an esthetician or dermatologist. Once extracted, you’ll need to exfoliate regularly. They like to form under dry, dead cells, so the more consistently you exfoliate, the less likely they’ll come back.
  • Avoid by: Using heavy pore-clogging oils like petroleum and mineral oil found in makeup and skincare products.

4. Cyst: A painful bump deep underneath the skin that usually never comes to a head and can linger for weeks.

  • Homecare: Keep the area clean and ICE A LOT! Increase your medicated products.
  • Avoid by: DO NOT PICK! You’ll likely not be able to get it out because these tend to never fully form into anything. You can follow the home care instructions above or schedule an appointment with a dermatologist to get a cortisone injection.

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