Detoxification: The Art of Dry Brushing

Have you heard of dry brushing? Me neither, until today! Adding this simple trick to your routine has many benefits, not just for the skin but for the whole body.

Skin is made up of a complex system of nerves, glands, tissues, and vessels. It is the body’s largest organ, serving as a protective barrier against trauma, the sun, retaining water, and keeping foreign microbes out. It is responsible for transmitting messages to the brain to make fast conclusions about the things we come in contact with by touch, temperature or pressure. It’s packed with immune cells, ready to fight any invader not welcome. It is constantly growing and excreting waste. Our skin alone, does an amazing job at keeping us alive and well! But when it’s not able to function optimally, congestion builds in the body and plays a major role leading to inflammation and disease. This is why a balanced diet and exercise are so crucial to a healthy lifestyle.


Dry brushing will help detoxify, as well as beautify. Here’s the facts:

Exfoliation. Lightly brushing dry skin is a great way of removing dead cells, making room for healthy young cells to grow in faster. This = glowing skin!

Circulation. Brushing towards the heart will stimulate veins to pump blood back to the heart more effectively.

Stimulation to Lymphatic Vessels. The lymphatic system is part of the circulatory system, and is responsible for removing waste from tissues and transporting it to the blood to be removed from the body. If there’s a blockage, toxins buildup and can make you sick. This is what lymphatic massages are all about – moving lymph for detoxification. You can get the same benefits from dry brushing, since lymphatic vessels aren’t very deep in the skin.

Anti-Stress. The act of brushing is meditative. It can reduce muscle tension and relieve stress.

Reduced Cellulite. It may reduce cellulite by softening hardened fat deposits.

Improved Organ Function. As said before, dry brushing massages the lymphatic system and helps to remove extra water and toxins. Flushing these out is thought to alleviate bloating and improve digestion and kidney function.

How to do it?

Get a long handled brush with stiff bristles.

Start at the feet and brush up, towards the heart.

Avoid sensitive areas, including your face.

Brush VERY lightly.

Do it for 5-10 minutes for the best results.

Always move towards the heart – this is where everything is drained! Follow the picture below:


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