Men’s Skincare: 7 Tips for Preventing Razor Burn

[Guys need skin TLC too!]


One aspect of men’s skincare is shaving. Knowing the correct way to shave can save you from running into common problems such as razor bumps, ingrown hairs or irritation. Doing it properly can actually benefit the skin by exfoliating and giving you the smoothness you’re aiming for. Here’s some tips to follow if you’ve been dealing with this issue!

1. Steam. Wash your face with warm water to soften the follicles. You could prep, using a gentle scrub to exfoliate which can prevent the hairs from curling back into the skin.

2. Lather. Use a moisturizing shave cream and move the razor in the direction of hair growth. Without a cream to soften the skin, the razor is likely to drag more and contribute to irritation.

3. Dulled Out. If you’ve used the same razor more than 5-7 times, it’s time to get a new one! Using the same dull razor can create microscopic tears in the skin. Single or double blades will cause less problems also.

4. Dem angles. It’s important to move in the same direction of hair growth. It may not give you as close of a shave, but will help prevent hairs from getting trapped or growing inwards when the hair starts to grow back. Also keep in mind that hair can be angled in different directions, so using a mirror is better than shaving blindly in the shower.

5. Keep it light. The less pressure applied, the better. The shorter the strokes, (less than an inch) the better.

6. Rinse. Rinse off with cool water. Use a non-medicated cleanser if you’d like, otherwise apply a moisturizer to maintain a healthy barrier function.

7. Wash. If your cleansers are medicated (aka, they have benzoyl peroxide or acids such as glycolic, lactic or salicylic) wait to use them until the next day when the skin is less sensitive. Shaving can cause small abrasions and these types of products will sting. If you shave in the morning, use the medicated cleanser at night.

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