What NOT to Skip on Gym Day

Some of my clients are either athletes, yoga instructors or pilates lovers. Most of them come to see me for the same reason: they have acne that seems impossible to get rid of. Usually it is the worst on the chest or back, sometimes affecting the face too. I call this type of acne “lifestyle acne,” because it’s typically caused by their daily activity and can be easily fixed with just a few simple changes in their routine.

Here’s my advice for anyone attending a workout class, gym, or engaging in anything that causes you to break a sweat: WASH, with soap and water. Seriously, it’s simple. Ladies do not use makeup wipes as a substitution – doing that will leave a film of residue on the skin. Washing before a workout is a bonus, but the absolute most important thing is to wash right after. Before you leave the gym/class, make sure you go into the bathroom and wash your face. If you didn’t bring your own cleanser, use the nasty hand soap to be sure you get any sweat off. If the acne-inflammed area is on your chest or back, do the same thing just focus on cleansing those areas. Then when you get home, use your good products. Many people wait until they get home to wash, but by the time you get home, the sweat has already been sitting on the skin for too long. Plus, how many times have we gone home and been distracted by a phone call, Facebook, or making food? That’s even longer, which means even more time for the skin to become impacted. I notice a world of difference in my clients’ skin when they change their routine just by washing whenever they sweat or when their skin feels oily. Keep it simple!


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