Cornu Asperum, anyone?

I’m finally back and in action! This past week consisted of a seeeeerious amount of jet lag, not to mention a bad case of food poisoning to top it all off! But – I’m feeling much better now and have finally written the blog I was inspired to write while traveling!

I went to Thailand for a week and a half, just enough time to get a glimpse of the culture and soak up some much needed sun (with lots of SPF though, duh!). One thing I noticed everywhere were advertisements for a skin product called “Snail White.” Being the curious, ingredient junkie esthetician that I am, I no doubt looked this up to see what the craze was about. It’s no joke about “snail” being in the title. Looks like Korean skincare trends are escalating! Snail White is a cream with snail secretion filtrate – cool or yuck? It’s intended to be an anti-aging cream. Question is… how?


I started doing some research about snail slime. Turns out, it has TONS of benefits for the skin. Maybe Korea had it right from the beginning. The secretion is packed with all things we look for in modern products: hyaluronic acid, antioxidants, glycolic acid, peptides, and stabilizing proteins for inducing collagen and elastin growth. Why are these considered anti-aging?! Because they are hydrating, free-radical killing, exfoliating and wrinkle-erasing structural elements. And all of that is one beautiful recipe for young, smooth, revitalized, healthy skin.

So, naturally I was 1) curious to see what U.S. brands carry this magic snail goo, and 2) to try it of course!

Apparently Urban Outfitters carries an array of slug options for you to choose from, brands like TonyMoly and Mizon. I also found that even Peter Thomas Roth offers a serum called Un-Wrinkle Fast-Acting Serum with 52% snail mucin solution in it’s formula. As this ingredient becomes more acceptable (aka less yuck factor, more oooooh factor), I’m sure we’ll be seeing lots of other brands adopt it into their products.

When I was in Bangkok, I found a Japanese sheet mask to try with “snail secretion filtrate” clearly labeled on the packaging. The only other word I could read on it was Co-Q10. And hey, you can’t go wrong with antioxidants so it was worth a shot. It did give me an icky feeling at first, knowing its origin. But I tried it anyways and the results honestly weren’t anything to rave about. My skin felt incredibly soft afterwards and that’s what stood out to me most. It could be that this mask was just cheap, because many of the reviews I’ve read about the Korean brands say it’s a game changer.

Oh well, they say you get what you pay for! It was interesting nonetheless. 


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