To Pick or Not to Pick…

Need a good reason not to pick? I’ve got one for you.. or two.
Our pores are angled in different directions and when we go to pick, we typically go for it straight on. We may get a little something out and think that’s the end of it. Then the next day, BOOM 💥 there it is again and now even bigger! The reason for this is because we got some of the pus or blood out, but not the core of the zit. It could be that it wasn’t ready to be extracted or our angle was not even with the follicle. Instead we pushed the core down and under, causing it to blow up the next day or spread. So, picking can exacerbate the issue is my point. And the second reason is that picking scars the skin, and a zit is much easier to get rid of than a scar. 💡Think about it
Oh and one more thing – if you’re already an established client of mine, call the office and you can come in for a free extraction any time you have one that you just can’t deal.


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