Sleeping Beauty

Ladies, we’ve all been there. After a late night out, the last thing you want to do is wash your face before passing out. Or maybe you just started dating someone new, and taking your makeup off before bed is out of the question. No matter the situation, it’s realllyyyy important to wash your face before bed. And no, makeup wipes are not a replacement! Here’s why.
While you sleep, the skin naturally rejuvenates itself from the day’s exposure to oxidative stress.. aka, free radical toxicity from pollution, sun, makeup etc. When foundation is left on, it creates a barrier over the skin, causing it to dry out, the pores become impacted, and the skin can’t breathe or repair so collagen breaks down. All of this is a recipe for dry, dull, acneic, wrinkly skin. There’s been studies that say one night of sleeping with makeup on ages you by about 7 months. 7 MONTHS!
Clients ask me all the time if using makeup wipes is an ok replacement to washing. That’s like taking a plate you just had spaghetti on, rinsing it with water and calling it good. There’s still a film of oil left on the plate, so wash with soap and water!


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