Do you or someone you know struggle with rosacea? It’s a chronic skin condition that affects more than 14 million people in the US alone. It’s characterized by redness, inflammation and tiny pustules around the face. The exact cause is unknown, but thought to stem mostly from genetics. Certain triggers increase inflammation – such as alcohol, spicy foods, extreme temperatures, caffeine, stress and sun exposure. But by avoiding those AND taking good care of yourself, there’s a chance you could make it almost invisible.

Here’s some tips~

Wear sunscreen with physical blockers
Follow an anti-inflammatory diet i.e. Avoid processed foods, high sugar, excessive meat.
Focus on deep breathing exercises to decrease stress
Take a supplement with gamma-linolenic acid. Good sources are primrose and black current oil, 500mg/day. Take fish oil for omega 3’s.
Ginger and tumeric are strong anti-inflammatory herbs
Anything topical with aloe, reishi mushroom, licorice and/or chamomile extract


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