Inside out Health for Acne

∘≫ Having acne can weigh on someone’s self esteem. This is what drives me to do what I do – I love helping people feel more confident in their own skin!

∘≫ For anyone struggling with this issue, I have some tips for you. I’m a firm believer in healing the body on all levels, not just superificially. For acne, not only do I recommend topical treatment but internal treatment as well. It only makes sense. Acne is an inflammatory condition so it needs to be addressed from the inside out.



• Vitamins A, C – supplement

• Probiotics – supplement, Kevita probiotic drinks

• Avoid salt, dairy

• Eat your water – ie. cucumber, watermelon


• Cleanse in cool water – no extreme temperatures

• Ice – prevents inflammation, redness

• Wash pillowcase once a week

• Exfoliate frequently with acids

• Don’t touch or rest hands on face

• Wipe phone with alcohol

• Don’t pick

• Increase medication {acids and benzoyl peroxide} one week before period to prevent hormonal breakouts

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