Winter Blues

Brrr! Tis the season for dry, chapped skin. I have a solution for you!

Constant dry skin can lead to a damaged barrier function, increasing longterm sensitivity and inflammation, as well as causing collagen breakdown. When collagen begins breaking down, we get those pesky wrinkles and fine lines. I tell patients that dry skin is good, because it is when we are trying to correct acne or hyperpigmentation! Dry skin = dead cells sloughing, and more sloughing means less prominence of whatever issue we are trying to clear. However, everything must be in balance.

So, moral of the story here is MOISTURIZE! But, do it in the RIGHT way for YOUR specific skin type. If you aren’t naturally acne prone or oily, try using a moisturizer with an oil base. Dry skin is classified as alipidic, meaning it lacks oil. For those of you struggling with blemishes or excess oil, try a water-based moisturizer, serum or mask! 

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