Two Magical Ingredients

Got acne? We’ve got a solution for you and it only includes two ingredients: acids & benzoyl peroxide.

Organic acids such as glycolic (sugar cane), salicylic (willow bark), and lactic (milk), all work to detach skin cells, enabling movement and shedding the top dead layers. These acids also help to fade discoloration and improve texture.

The more superficial layers we exfoliate, essentially thinning out the skin a bit, the less impactions can hide and products are better able to do their job not having to work through as many dead cell layers.

Benzoyl peroxide works by killing the bacteria that causes acne. We recommend applying a very thin layer over the entire face, avoiding the mouth, nose and eye corners as those areas are sensitive and can burn easily. If you’re allergic to benzoyl, we have alternatives for you at our office!

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